Bunker Gear  / SCBA Relay

Participants will demonstrate prompt, efficient donning of full PPE, including SCBA, and movement through the course.

EMS Event

This realistic scenario will start with a scene size up and hazard assessment then move to patient triage and treatment, and finish with movement of the patients away from the incident.

Firefighter Combat Challenge

Participants will take part in a four-person relay race involving taking a hose bundle up the stairs, hoisting, forcible entry techniques, and a charged line drag. This event is timed and scored on proper skills and teamwork.

make and break

Participants will make and break the couplings of 150’ of attack line (1 ¾”) from the hydrant to the nozzle as safely and quickly as possible. This event will be run as a team and judged as a team.

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Room Search

Participants will demonstrate the rescue of a trapped victim from a simulated structure fire by performing a systematic search under no-visibility conditions, locating and removing the victim from the hazard area.

Download the 2024 Team Competition Packet

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